Qatar National Music Competition



Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science

Message from our patron:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The competition we will witness among ambitious youth during this competition is an embodiment of the human development goals of our beloved country Qatar, which is the way to an overall sustainable development and the knowledge society.

We all know the role music plays in enriching humans lives, enhancing manners and elevating our taste and appreciation of beauty in everything around us.

Music is also an intellectual creative activity and human expression of beauty across cultures and societies. It is a universal language that leads to harmony, peace and understanding among civilizations in face of hatred and violence.

Dear all, we aim to encourage creativity and competition among youth to discover the best musical talents that can represent Qatar on global stages.

At the end, I extend my thanks to Katara and Sonja Park and all the team who is contributing to this competition.

Thank you,

Mr. Abdullah Al Kubaisi

Head of Arabic and Islamic Affairs

Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science