Qatar National Music Competition

Mission Statement

To create a competitive platform so as to encourage the best in music creativity and performance in parallel with Qatar’s sport, art, design, architecture and other goals.

This Competition will be a unique and significant artistic event on the national and international stage and will reveal the best of our musical talent.

It will contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030 in how it will help to develop Qatar’s human, social and economic goals. Competitors will need to be innovative and creative to participate in many of the competitions. Music is one of the strands of cultural activities that our nation is much involved with and the time is right for such a competition.

Whether it is sport or music, a competitor needs commitment, discipline, personal sacrifice, priorities and heart, all of which are necessary for success on competitive platforms. Success for many will be the participation, for others it will be raising the trophy.

In these ways, this competition will contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030:

  • Achieving goals
  • Strengthening DESIRE and INNER WILL
  • Creating a MINDSET for SUCCESS

With each passing year these trophies will become synonymous with a time honoured tradition of quality and achievement awarded for best performances in competitions with a world class reputation. These specially designed trophies will therefore symbolise an enduring legacy for Qatar, capturing the significance of music as an important pillar of arts education for its peoples